Cafod Family Fast Day

Posted: September 30, 2014 in CAFOD

Cafod web site link

Continuing from last weeks theme Mission, this week we are looking at the work of one particular charity – CAFOD. This Friday is the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day – one of the two fast days run by CAFOD in the year, where schools and churches across the country do without a meal and give their money to those in need. The web site contains prayers, videos and additional material to be used with your form. The below YouTube video:

(from their web site) shows the work of CAFOD in Sierra Leone plus a few ideas for fundraising. CAFOD produce some amazing resources to coincide with the fast day, including a powerpoints and lesson plans. Their prayer for the week is:

Prayer for the week

Dear God,

Thank you for our food.
May we appreciate what we have and never take it for granted.
We pray for those around the world, who do not have enough to provide for their family.
We pray for a good harvest, for generosity and love, as we seek a better, fairer world.
We ask this through Christ our Lord,

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