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Posted: November 29, 2014 in CAFOD
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We are St James’ Climate Bloggers. Welcome to our first post. Our team includes Kayleigh, Ryan, Gabriella and Finlay.  We are Year 8 students with a passion for our world.


St James’ is a school in north London. We already have an “E” (Environment) team. The whole school recycles and many of our staff do their but too:

What we have found is that whilst the staff do amazing things, many of us students are quite wasteful and are not aware of the impact we are having. We thought that we would start with changing things in Year 7. We asked our head teacher if we could help out at the Year 7 retreat. With the help of CAFOD we helped run a simulation game about a flood, and the responses needed. It was soooo frustrating as another disaster happened and our plans went up in smoke. You can download the game by clicking on this link: The Flood Game We then got all the Year 7 students to write a pledge about how they can change their habits and therefore help the environment too.

Year 7 Pledges

Gabrielle helping on the retreat

Our next steps are to

– Help launch the One Climate One World campaign in our school in January

– Go into assemblies and talk about the small things that can be done, and the change this would make if we all did it together. We hope to talk to staff too plus take over a notice board at school.

– During Lent we are going to ask everyone to think about the environment when giving something up, and encourage simple living.

– We will create and display a prayer board in the chapel where everyone’s environmental concerns are placed and then prayed for.

– We have a stall at the Grahame Park Festival which is attended by our local MP’s. At this we hope to find out about environmental issues in the community and talk to our local MP and present him with the school pledges.

– We know that Pope Francis is thinking and praying a lot about the environment. In the 2013 Easter message he said

Take good care of creation. St. Francis wanted that. People occasionally forgive, but nature never does. If we don’t take care of the environment, there’s no way of getting around it.

We have heard that further writings on the environment by Pope Francis are going to be published next year.  We hope to take his thoughts and ideas and try and make them happen in our school.

Our Chaplain has allowed us to post a monthly blog on this site so that you can follow our progress. If CAFOD choose us to be their bloggers then our work and the work of the E team may even be posted further afield. Please please please comment on our post and let us know what you think – especially if you have any more ideas on how we can help change the carbon footprint of our school community and beyond. Thanks for reading this, Kayleigh, Ryan, Gabriella and Finlay

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