“Cut it out” is launched

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Since the CAFOD training our feet haven’t touched the ground. Over the last month we have conducted a staff briefing, helped with two retreats and launched the CAFOD ‘Cut it Out’ campaign for Lent.



During the briefing, we told the staff about the CAFOD training and the launch of the One Climate One World campaign at Brentwood.  The presentation can be found here:

Prezi Climate Blogger briefing to staff

The Year 8 retreats went really well.  The theme was “Climate Change: what we can do”. Using CAFOD resources from http://www.cafod.org.uk/Education/Secondary-schools/Climatewe helped students look at the facts and played a CAFOD simulation game.  We were also ask to share a bit of our experience living in a community that was not attached to the grid.  Every member of the year group pledged to do a small something to help the environment. We made a paper chain out of the pledges which is now on display in our Chapel.


We hope to have a video up here quite soon to show you all the schools cut it out campaign. This was launched just before 1/2 term. As a school we were encouraged to use less electricity, walk rather than use transportation, reuse, recycle and reduce.

CAFOD "Cut It Out" ideas

We hope that this will have a great impact on the school.

That is all folks – we will be back very soon,

St James Climate Bloggers

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