Prayers for the start of term

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Prayer

A Prayer of Thanks for all God’s Children Lord our God, We thank you that you made each one of us in your image and likeness, and that we are all your beloved children. At the beginning of this term we pray for the pupils at St. James’.

We pray for pupils who:

 make us smile;

 challenge our way of thinking;

 test our patience;

 we find easy to like;

 we find difficult to like;

 are bright;

 are hardworking;

 find learning tough;

 get on our nerves;

 are a delight;

 like to laugh;

 always look sad;

 always look lost;

 talk all the time;

 never say a word;

 are easily overlooked;

 are impossible to ignore;

 remind us of ourselves when we were younger!

We thank you for all the pupils who have an impact on our lives and for the privilege of having an impact on their lives.

Lord, help us not to label pupils or fall into the trap of thinking we have got them sussed. Help us to be open to new revelations and the work of your Holy Spirit in each of their lives. Lord, use those we teach to teach us. Help us to be Christ-like at all times; seeing each one with your eyes and valuing them with your heart of love.

We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus the teacher. Amen

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