Theme for the week: Veritas

Posted: September 8, 2015 in St James

St James’ was founded by a Dominican order 82 years ago. Our school crest gives us a glimpse of some of the Dominican history:

New Logo

Our crest or shield is divided into 8 gyrons, meeting at the centre. It is black and white, the armourial colours of the Guzman family. Guzman was the family name of St Dominic.

Added to this shield is the white and black cross, worn by the Knights of Calatrava. St Dominic’s mother was of this family. The ‘flowering of the Cross’ represents the lily, symbolic of purity. You can see many saints around the school (especially on the Science corridor) holding lilies.

Above the shield there is a star, placed in memory of the brilliant star seen shining on St Dominic’s forehead at his Baptism. The complete shield signifies that the Dominican Order has been founded for the defence of the Church.

The motto is ‘Veritas’ because a Dominican’s greatest work is to preach the Truth of God. Veritas means TRUTH. The message of salvation, of the Incarnation and the Redemption, answers these deep questions and offers us the truth that sets one free (John 8:32). The below video dramatises this gospel event:

Ideas for form time:

–      Get students to contemplate on their beliefs and what they know to be true

–      Use this Prezi to go through the history of our school.  It includes the slides from the walls of the Business Studies corridor.

–      Read a bible passage and get students to reflect on what the passage is saying about Jesus / God / loving of neighbour

–      Ask students this week to look out for the Dominican saints around the school.

–     Watch this 1 min youtube clip asking what is Truth? Leave a pause at the end asking them who is Jesus for them?

Prayer for the week:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

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