Combatting climate change

Posted: September 10, 2015 in CAFOD

Our wind turbineAs we start this new year, we thought that we would update you Wind produced
on our progress.

We at St James’ are trying to be very environmentally friendly.  Before we started blogging, we already had a few things in place.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the instillation of a wind turbine and solar panels at the school.

This news article shows you more about our launch 10 years ago:

The electricity generated feeds straight back into the National Grid and students can see how much energy is produced each day. Below is todays solar reading (it was a cloudy day).

climate 2

Providing information about alternative energy sources has been a lot easier to do with these great visual aids. We hope that they inspire students to use alternative energy in their homes.

We are re-launching the e-squad to let people know what we have done and can do ourselves. The e-squad’s motto is recycle, reuse, reduce. Here is our notice board that raises awareness and reminds other the small changes we can all make. 

e squad

Bins across school              What we do

Throughout the school, recycling takes place dividing litter into three different categories.  If everyone does their bit, then we will can make a difference together.

Have a good week,


St James’ Climate Blogger

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