Day of prayer as the Pope visits the UN

Posted: September 24, 2015 in CAFOD, Papal

Our climate bloggers reflect on the Day of Prayer.

Thoughts from Alice:

On Friday 25th September, we were asked to hold a day of prayer. Pope Francis addressed the UN on this day to talk about 17 Global goals needed to make the world a better place (see bottom of post). The main 3 goals that we hoped would be agreed on are 1) an end extreme poverty, 2) fight inequality and injustice and 3) fix climate change. I believe that’s these 3 goals are very important.  The below link takes you to the transcript and video of the event:

Thoughts from Julia:

prayer 2Why pray? Prayers have very important meanings.  During prayer we place the needs of the world in God’s hands – the poor, the vulnerable people and people who have lost everything but have not given up on life.

This week we have been raising finds for CAFOD refugee crisis.  Over £500 was raised. We were inspired by CAFOD and their amazing organisation that helps people. I think that when children grow up they should have good intentions to help everyone.

Thoughts from Kayleigh:

Pope climatePope Francis has a lovely personality who when I grow up I would want this personality. He has a lot to say about the climate and cares about a lot of very important things such as: climate change. He is inspiring me to care a lot more about our world too. 

Thought from Finlay:

Many schools across the world taught children about the 17 global goals.  We prayed to: End poverty, fight injustice and combat climate change. We lit a candle for each of the 17 goals. We will hopefully become the generation that changed the world for the better.  


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