One World Week

Posted: October 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
The assembly theme next week is ‘One World Week (OWW) – Hope in action”. The aim of OWW is to make us think about our planet as a global community and reflect on the effect of our actions on the world.  The national web site for OWW is CAFOD and Christian Aid are partners with OWW and provide excellent resources.
CAFOD prayer resources and videos:
Remember to check out the other posts on this blog too. One CAFOD bloggers have some excellent pages about the environment and the UN goals.  Just select CAFOD on the side menu.
I hope that each form class now has a St James’ High School prayer folder.   Prayers 63 – 79 in the folder are all designed with creation and the world in mind and are ideal for OOW.
May we be the peacemakers.
Not compassion fakers
Or passive partakers
But injustice shakers.
And Government wakers.
May we be the peacemakers.
Have a hope filled week,

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