Merciful like the Father

Posted: September 11, 2016 in Fundraising, Year of Mercy


Assembly Theme: Year of Mercy

This weeks Gospel is a series of parables, the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Lost Son. All three parables show us a glimpse of the Mercy of God, hence the link with our Year of Mercy.

This week, students could remind themselves of the Mercy Pledges that they made during Lent, or the Door of Mercy in the Peace Garden. The Year of Mercy prayer, or Hail Holy Queen (given to staff on cards last year) could also be used. I will put spare cards in the staffroom by the Chaplaincy board.




Acts of Charity:

This term we will be focusing again on Mary’s Meals. Together with Blessed Dominic’s and St Margaret Clitherow Church we will be collecting used clothes. These are then sold in order to raise funds to feed children in schools across the globe. Last year we collected enough clothes to feed 88 children for a year. The last day for collection is November 28th (the end of the Year of Mercy).

Chaplaincy Activities:

 Please remind students that we have a Eucharistic service every Tuesday in the Chapel. Adoration take place every Friday

Staff prayer takes place every Wed morning at 8:10am in the Chapel. All are welcome.

Have a merciful week,


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