Morning Prayer


Prayer sheets are emailed to staff each week following the assembly themes published below.  The following link take you to some amazing web sites that provide additional daily prayers and reflections:

Weekly reflection on the mass readings each week – just click on the green PREGO button at the bottom of the PREGO page for a printable PDF

Praying Each Day – a reflection, story and prayer for each day

Sacred Space daily prayers – prayers and bible readings for each day

CAFOD resources – ideas for fast days and social justice prayers

Traditional Catholic Prayers – Catholic prayers for every occasion

Three Minute Retreat – sit back and relax with these beautiful reflections.


Assembly themes 2016-2017: Autumn Term

Week Theme Feast days / Season Gospel
5/9 Welcome Assemblies 23rd Sunday of ordinary time

8th – Birth of Mary

Luke 14:25-33

Cost of discipleship

12/9 Year of Mercy


24th Sunday of ordinary time

14th – Triumph of the Cross

Luke 15:1-32

Merciful Father

19/9 How we use our money

Food bank / local charities

25th Sunday of ordinary time

21st – St Mathew, 23rd – Padre

Luke 16:1-13

Money and trust

26/9 Social Justice Sunday 26th – Sunday of Ordinary time

2nd – Guardian Angels

Luke 16:19-21

Social Justice Sunday

3/10 Black History Month (October) 4th – St Francis of Assisi

7th – Our Lady of the Rosary

Luke 17:5-10

Increase our faith

10/10 Being thankful 15th – St Teresa,  17th – St Ignatius,  18th – St Luke Luke 17:11-19

The Ten Lepers

17/10 The power of prayer – linked to the work of missionaries 20th – World Mission Luke 18:1-8

Persevering prayer

31/10 All Saints / All Souls 31st Sunday of Ordinary time

1st – All Saints 2nd – All Souls Day

Luke 19:1-10


07/11 Remembrance 32nd Sunday of Ordinary time

11th – Remembrance day

Luke 20:27-38
14/11 Anti Bully Week 33rd Sunday of ordinary time


Luke 21:5-19
21/11 Closure of the Year of Mercy Feast of Christ the King


Luke 23:35-43
28/11 Advent – Preparing for the coming of the Messiah 1st Sunday of Advent

3rd – Sr Francis Xavier

Mt 24:37-44


5/12 Advent – John the Baptist 2nd Sunday of Advent

8th – Immaculate Conception

Mt 3:1-12
12/12 Advent – Watch and Pray 3rd Sunday of Advent


Mt 11:2-11
19/12 Christmas Liturgies 4th Sunday of Advent


Mt 1:18-24


Assembly themes 2016-17: Spring Term

Date Theme Feast days / Season Gospel
9/1 New Year resolutions 3rd – Epiphany

10th – Baptism of the Lord

Mt 2:1-12
16/1 Baptism Second Sunday in ordinary time


Jn 1:29-34
23/1 Christian Unity Week Third Sunday in ordinary time


Mt 4:12-23
30/1 Holocaust memorial day (27th) Fourth Sunday in ordinary time

31st – St John Bosco

Mt 5:1-12a
6/2 Being an example to others Fifth Sunday in ordinary time

11th – Our Lady of Lourdes

Mt 5:13-16

You are the light of the world

20/2 Praying for your enemies Seventh Sunday in ordinary time


Mt 5:38-48
27/2 Ash Wednesday (1st March) Eighth Sunday of ordinary time


Mt 6:24-34
6/3 Fasting and Almsgiving  1st Sunday of Lent

10th – CAFOD family fast day

Mt 4:1-11
13/3 Repentance / forgiveness  2nd week of Lent

17th – St Patrick

19th – St Joseph

Mt 17:1-9
20/3 Acts of kindness  3rd week of Lent

25th – Annunciation

Jn 4:5-42 or 4:5-15
27/3 Achievement assemblies /       The Stations of the Cross 4th week of Lent Jn 9:1-41


Assembly themes 2016-17: Summer Term

Date Theme Feast days / Season Gospel
17/4 Easter / The Resurrection Easter


Jn 20:1-9
24/4 Vocations Diving Mercy Sunday Jn 20:19-31


1/5 World Environment Day  3rd Sunday of Easter

3rd – St Philip and St James

Lk 24:13-35
8/5 Friendship 4th Sunday of Easter

13th – Our Lady of Fatima

Jn 10:1-10

The Good Shepherd

15/5 Our Lady 5th Sunday of Easter


Jn 14:1-12

Trust in God

22/5 Learning from our mistakes


6th Sunday of Easter Jn 14:15-21
5/6 Pentecost Pentecost Sunday


Jn 20:19-23
12/6 The Trinity Trinity Sunday


Jn 3:16-18
19/6 Love In Action Corpus Christi

23th Sacred heart of Jesus

Mt 11:25-30
26/6 Overcoming Fear 12th Sunday of ordinary time

29th Feast day of Peter and Paul

Mt 10:26-33
3/7 Developing Leadership Qualities 13th Sunday of ordinary time


Mt 10:37-42
10/7 Thanksgiving 14th Sunday of ordinary time


Mt 11:25-30

The Father revealed in the Son

17/7 Achievement assemblies 15th Sunday of ordinary time


Mt 13:1-23

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