Pilgrimage is an important part of our Christian journey.  Throughout the year we will be visiting  Westminster Cathedral with other schools across the diocese and joining the Dominicans on their annual pilgrimage to Walsingham.  Staff will also be able to join us on a staff pilgrimage to the Holy Land.




Staff trip to Jerusalem

For the past three years we have visited the Holy Land, following the footsteps of Jesus. The most recent trip was during the Christmas holidays 2017 / 2018. Christmas day was celebrated in Bethlehem, three days were spent in Jerusalem and two days in Galilee.  More information can be found on the Holy Land Pilgrimage blog, set up especially for the trips:


We also run a trip to Walsingham each year.  This year the date is Sunday IMG_096213th May 2018.  This pilgrimage is open to parents, students and staff. The day begins with a visit to the Slipper Chapel.  We then join Dominicans from across the country.  Sr Karen often joins us, and arranged for our students to lead the prayers and carry the statue during the walk. IMG_0939 (1)

After Mass and a shared lunch we take part in the Pilgrimage mile, carrying a statue of Our Lady.  It is a lovely day out.

If you want to join this year, just let Miss Whelan know.