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Launch of the Year of Mercy

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Year of Mercy2

Today is the launch of the Year of Mercy. The logo and the motto together provide a fitting summary of what the Jubilee Year is all about.

The motto Merciful Like the Father (taken from the Gospel of Luke, 6:36) serves as an invitation to follow the merciful example of the Father who asks us not to judge or condemn but to forgive and to give love and forgiveness without measure (cfr. Lk 6:37-38).

The logo has been designed in such a way so as to express the profound way in which the Good Shepherd touches the flesh of humanity and does so with a love with the power to change one’s life.

One particular feature worthy of note is that while the Good Shepherd, in his great mercy, takes humanity upon himself, his eyes are merged with those of man. Christ sees with the eyes of Adam, and Adam with the eyes of Christ. Every person discovers in Christ, the new Adam, one’s own humanity and the future that lies ahead, contemplating, in his gaze, the love of the Father.

The scene is captured within the so called mandorla (the shape of an almond), a figure quite important in early and medieval iconography, for it calls to mind the two natures of Christ, divine and human. The three concentric ovals, with colors progressively lighter as we move outward, suggest the movement of Christ who carries humanity out of the night of sin and death. Conversely, the depth of the darker color suggests the impenetrability of the love of the Father who forgives all.

The door of Mercy at St James’ will be opened next week.  Services in the school will take place throughout this week.

Canonisation of two amazing men

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Canonisation of two amazing men

This weekend the Catholic Church’s first-ever double canonization will take place. The ceremony will involve Pope Francis declaring his predecessors Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul XXIII saints.

Some Cineworld cinemas will be streaming the service live from 9am on Sunday. Our closest is Wembley Cineworld. Admission is free.

Several members of staff will be jetting off to Rome to join in the celebrations. If you have any specific prayer intentions please hand them to Miss Fernandes or Miss Whelan.

For more info on the process of Canonisation have a look at http://ewtn.com/johnpaul2/cause/index.asp

More pictures will follow here on our return.

Pope John Paul II pray for us, Pope John XXIII pray for us.

New life

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New life

Many students at St James’ have been involved in RE Lenten challenges – setting themselves goals around fasting, prayer and almsgiving. Not only are they a goal in themselves, but students are noticing a change in relationship with others.
A final Lent challenge has now been set. Students have been given a small bulb.

During the Easter holidays they are encouraged to plant in, water it, care for it and watch it grow into a beautiful flower.
This image is similar to what happens to us during Lent. Through our fasting, prayer and almsgiving we prune back the clutter that has taken over, look outward towards others and continue to grow into unique and beautiful person God intended us to be.


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Prayer for the week

“Christ has no online presence but yours,
No blog, no Facebook page but yours,
Yours are the tweets through which love touches this world,
Yours are the posts through which the Gospel is shared,
Yours are the updates through which hope is revealed.
Christ has no online presence but yours,
No blog, no Facebook page but yours.”

By Meredith Gould, paraphrasing St. Teresa of Avila

The Wilderness

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The Wilderness

40 days of Lent

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40 days of Lent